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What Does Current Brain Research Tell Us About Movement?

Posted by Jennifer Weaver-Spencer on Mar 18, 2016 10:17:00 AM
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Recently, ActivEd published Move to Learn: Exploring the Benefits of Movement in the ClassroomThe first chapter of the e-book reviews the connection between brain research and physical activity. Brain research consistently shows that active kids learn better. Examples include:

  • Running_brain.pngBrain research shows a link between movement and enhanced cognition in children. According to Merriam-Webster, cognition is conscious mental activities including thinking, understanding, learning, and remembering.
  • Brain research suggests that increasing movement time in schools may support academic performance while also improving the health of children.
  • Evidence from leading scientists reveals strong associations between the cerebellum and memory, spatial perception, language attention, emotion, nonverbal cues, and decision- making ability among children who are active while learning in the classroom.

The bottom line: active kids achieve more, have increased focus, and are healthier.

Want to learn more? Download our e-book Move to Learn: Exploring the Benefits of Movement in the Classroom.

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